NRC Premium grade activated charcoal 1L

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NRC activated carbon 1l

Activated carbon for refilling the breathing air filter for breathing air compressors and personal filters / Nitrox Clean Filters.

Why always buy new filter cartridges for breathing air filters when only the content is used up. Filter cartridges from all manufacturers can be refilled with this filter material made from activated carbon granulate. Activated carbon from the NRC brand is produced with very little dust. Due to the grain size of 1 – 2 mm, a good filling density can be achieved, so that no channels can form when the activated carbon flows through the filter and absorption is ensured. Due to the low dust content and the good abrasion resistance, this activated carbon can also be used well for Nitrox Clean filters.

Technical characteristics Activated carbon

  • Activated carbon NRC for breathing air treatment, absorption of oil vapours
  • hermetically sealed in a 1 liter bottle
  • particularly low-dust suitable for the production of Nitrox
  • grit approx. 1,5mm
  • 18 months shelf life when sealed